Safety Pass Alliance Food and Drink Passport

S.P.A Food and Drink Passport Overview

The S.P.A Food and Drink course by Safety Pass Alliance is vital to all those working in or around food. Learning about food hygiene standards to ensure a safe working environment.

Course cost is £175 + VAT. An additional cost of £35 + VAT will be added at checkout for the Certification Fees and Publications.

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What can I expect from the S.P.A Food and Drink Passport?

Standard topics The Food and Drink course will cover include:

  • To provide basic information and areas of responsibility for
    health, safety and environment.
  • To understand the implications of hazard recognition/risk
    assessment and the effects on individuals and the employer.
  • To demonstrate how individual behaviour can help reduce
  • To build on the basic health and safety information of Core
    Day programme by concentrating on risks specifically found in
    the Food and Drink industry.
  • To allow delegates to understand the implications of cost to
    the business, job security and risk of injury/damage or loss in
    the areas of hygiene, health, safety and environment are not
    properly considered.
The course is split into two days, first day is the  core content and the second is the food and drink content

Day 1 – Core

Day 1 will be the Core Course. Delegates will learn about:

  • 6 Modules which include
  • Health & Safety law and responsibilities
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe place of work, safe behaviours
  • Common hazards including fire, asbestos, confined spaces
    and display screen equipment
  • Power and hand tools, electricity
  • Health issues including manual handling, noise, hazardous
    substances and stress
  • First aid, road safety, reporting of accidents and incidents
  • Environmental considerations

• Implement new guidance and industry best practice
• Develop their skills in assessment, planning and implementation of safe systems and methods in the work place.
• Provide examples and opportunities for the study and to analyse health, safety and welfare practices and procedures.
• State their duties and responsibilities with regards to health, safety, welfare and the environment.

Possession of this qualification is listed in the Approved Code of Practice for the Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations as a demonstration of competence in the role of site manager.

Day 2 – Food and Drink

Day  will be the Food and Drink Course. Delegates will learn about:

  • 3 Modules which include
  • Type of contamination sources, chemical, physical and
  • Food contamination, personal hygiene, protective clothing
  • Reporting of illnesses, personal and company responsibilities
  • Environmental considerations, air, water and land pollution
    and anti-pollution controls
  • Housekeeping, slips and trips, vehicles, confined spaces
  • Health hazards, substances, temperature extremes hygienic
    designs and modifications
  • Fire and explosion risks and control measures
  • The programme may be subject to change without prior

How long does the S.P.A Food and Drink Passport last?

The passport is valid for 3
years and can be refreshed anytime during the 6 months

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7th - 8th
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