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IOSH Working Safely Overview

The IOSH Working Safely is a 1-day course teaching delegates the fundamentals of health and safety in the workplace. The course is short but provides practical step-by-step guidance. It is perfect for anyone and everyone in a working role who wants to learn the basics of health and safety.

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Why do I need the IOSH Working Safely course?

Working Safely is a course designed for all industries. Management is responsible for the health and safety of its employees; the Working Safely course will teach attendees how to provide this efficiently. IOSH is a renowned training body and our trainers at Gaskell Safety Ltd are equipped to fulfil the highest standard of IOSH training. This internationally recognised course is a must-have for all those in management roles within their company.

What can I expect from the IOSH Working Safely Course?

The IOSH Working Safely course is a condensed 1-day course. The qualification covers the following topics:

  • Introducing working safely
  • Defining hazards and risk
  • Identifying common hazards
  • Improving safety performance

How do I benefit from the Working Safely course?

The successful delegate will be competent in basic workplace health and safety. Following successful completion of the IOSH Working Safely course candidates will be able to:

  • Understand why it’s important to work safely and the effects it will have if they fail to do so
  • Identify risks and hazards and the importance of risk assessments
  • Assist in the preparation of risk assessments
  • Appreciate the importance of a health & safety management system
  • Understand safety signs and signals
  • Report accidents and incidents
  • Appreciate the effects of environmental management and how individuals can minimise pollution and waste

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