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Emergency First Aid at Work is a short course with vital information to provide your workplace with a first aider. Covering topics like basic life support, unconsciousness and control of bleeding are a few essential skills delegates will learn in the emergency first aid at work course.

On top of the essentials, delegates will cover regulations, first aid kits and how to record and report first aid incidents so you can be assured that on audits and inspections you are covering the minimum criteria required by law.

The emergency first aid at work course also covers AED (Automated External Defibrillators) and how to enact correct CPR. Delegates will be tested on their CPR skills to ensure that they are performing it correctly in the event it is needed.

1 in 10 people survives an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest due to low bystander CPR rates. CPR can increase the chance of survival by nearly 200%.

We recommend this course to all employers to ensure their team has the right help should they need it. But his course isn’t just for workers. we recommend everyone takes this course to learn basic CPR and first aid skills as you could one day save someone’s life. 

This course is a shorter version of the 3-day first aid at work but will suffice as the standard training for a first aider in the workplace. 

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